Our Journey

The Build

A 1977 Citroen HY van, imported from Bouchareaux, France in June 2014. Previously used to deliver honey around the local area it really is a beautiful vehicle to cater from. We have ‘saved the bees’ as an homage to its former use within the cab of the restored van.

Converted to catering use by myself and father over a year to a professional catering standard. Running on Liquid Petroleum gas and leisure battery, backed up by four solar panels it is capable of  silent running, which can be very important depending on the event. With Fresh and waste water tanks fitted and a back-up super quiet generator “The Teign Canteen”  is a stand alone kitchen that can cater anywhere that is required.

The Teign Valley

The Teign Valley where I have been lucky enough to grow up is truly a beautiful place. Full of life, from the valley and surrounding farms, down the river and out into Lyme bay, the produce on offer is of the highest quality. From the wild fallow deer, locally sourced farmed meat & veg to mussels and line caught fish, the produce is all here.

Having hunted locally I will use deer on the menu extensivly, believing it to be an under valued resource that should be much more common place in our diet. Taking pride in knowing suppliers personally I believe that the way we produce and rear our food is more important now than ever, its up to us to make the choice to eat responsibly.

The Journey

A keen traveller I have made trips to Asia, across Europe, Africa and South America enjoying the amazing food on offer along the way. It was in Vietnam where the inspiration for this project was born. Whilst riding across the country for two months I was amazed at the incredible food on offer, the best cuisine ive ever tried, mothers and one man bands serve simple menus from tin shacks and trolleys at the side of the road. Doing one thing well suddenly seemed obvious, use the produce you have on offer, serve one or two dishes really well and the experience is special and remembered. So ‘The Teign Canteen’ is born, using the amazing larder on offer around the Teign Valley to serve food inspired by my travels and work as a chef to a hungry public at Festivals, events and private parties around the south west of England.

All my photos are available for you to download.

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